Moon Kim


              I was born in Seoul, South Korea and raised there.  I came to the United States after I graduated from Korea University in Seoul with a major in science to further pursue my studies.  During this time I got married and had three children.  While the children were in school, I went back to school to study art.  For a long period of time I continued with schooling and received a Bachelor of Arts and a Master of Fine Arts degree with a major in metalwork and oil painting at Northern Illinois University in DeKalb, Illinois.  For the past many years, I have attended a Chinese brush painting class at Mook Mee Art Association of Chicago.  I have a great professor and colleague which I admire and am learning much from.  As an old Chinese proverbs says:  “I have heard and I forget.  I see and I remember.  I do and I understand.” 

              I am also a member of SNAG and CMAG and since 2003 have been a member of the CKAAA, the Chicago Korean American Art Association.  My joy is to exhibit and share my art pieces with others in the shows of CKAAA.  There is no pressure and competition which I like.  I also love to see my colleagues’ works and pieces. 

I am also so thankful to my husband for his wonderful support.  I am satisfied with my life as a wife, mother, and grandmother.  My father Kwak, Woon Kyu taught me that learning is a lifelong process and to this day I am living my father’s legacy.  

Cello Memory oil painting 4x3 feet

Jeju Island in Korea Chinese brush painting on rice paper

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Silver Wire Thai Necklace
bracelet and cloisonne pendant life size

I.Olive Wreath(silver sheet&wire for olive leaves,olives silver casting
II.lvy wreath(fresh living ivy electroformed and patina)
III.Amphora(copper raising and electroforming)