Won Park

1312W Jefferson St Unit C  Joliet, IL60435




Numerous group exhibitions throughout the years

Artist Statement


Art is the representation of life long journey, a deeply personal diary of your life. How you decide to present yourself through art is the freedom you are given and the choice you have to make. It's sometimes a painfully slow moving process in which you may not realize or reach your true potential as a human being. One's true nature can be discovered when you are faced with adversity and difficulty in life. Human emotion is such a fragile thing and capturing the very essence of such, without any make-up or cover-up, with total honesty to oneself is what I try to achieve in my work. I am going through changes in my life and trying desperately not to make the same mistakes over and over and wasting my life away. It is very important that I continue with rest of my journey as an artist and make my life worthwhile.




Won Park



Turn your anger into calm 44x56" Acrylic on canvas 2016


Gravestone Angels 32x60" Acrylic  on canvas 2017

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The End of us 55x66" Acrylic on Canvas 2017

For old time's sake 30x40" oil on canvas 2017

Till death do us part 30x40" oil on canvas 2017


Two monks 36x48" oil on canvas 2017