My name is Jaclyn Jaehee Bae. 

I am a visual and fiber artist.

With my immigrant background history, I am interested in harmonizing Western and Asian cultures to my art works. Also, I intend to influence my religious concept into my art works because it is important to express the turnaround of my life when I converted to Christianity.

I’d like to work on various styles and different medium to create art series to reflect my life experiences and cultural backgrounds.  The Hanbok series, Harmony series and Art Book series are my most significant art works that represent the confusion, turmoil and joy of my life experience, and the inerasable and unforgotten cultural history and also the expression of my religious belief. I intended to harmonize the two cultures, Western and Asian, and bridge the gap between them by weaving the unique traits of Korean backgrounds and the Western styles. 


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Harmony lll

Morning Waves

Blessing 1

Hanbok Series

Harmony ll