Artist: Sung Eun Hong 


Artist’s note


 Innocent dreams, beautiful fantasies and hopes for the future is what I wanted to communicate through my work.

 My work is proof of my existence, and is away to express my view and interpretation towards this world. TIME TRAVEL makes me feel alive and it makes me feel hope. Life is a journey we take with everyone else. 



    SOLO EXHIBITIONS 17 events


2017 Seoul Insa Art Plaza | Korea
2014 KCC Art Gallery | Chicago
2010 Seoul Arts Center | Korea
2009 Gallery Hanjun Art Plaza | Korea 
          Gallery IIgok Invitational | Korea
          Gallery Lotte Department Store MVG invitational | Korea
2008 Gallery Oms | New Jersey
          Gallery Gagok Village Naum Hall | Korea
2007 Gallery Broken | Tokyo, Japan
2006 KPAM Art Festival | Seoul Art Center, Korea
          Cheltenham Art Center | Philadelphia
          Gallery Gasan | Korea
2004 Gallery Gasan | Korea
2003 The Gallery 49| New York
2002 The Ssangyong Construction Co. Invitational | Korea
2001 Gallery Daechi | Korea
2000 Gallery Gwanhoon | Korea
              Seoul, USA, France, Japan, Iran, Russia



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TIME TRAVEL 2013 - I   53 X 65.1cm  Mixed media on canvas

 TRAVEL 2013-II 76x30cm Mixed media on canvas

TIME TRAVEL 2013-III 116.7 x 91cm Mixed
media on canvas

TIME TRAVEL 2015 - 1  72.7 x 60.6cm Mixed media on canvas

TIME TRAVEL 2016 - 1  53 x 45cm Mixed media on canvas

TIME TRAVEL 2017-I 53x45.5cm Mixed media on canvas