It is my belief that the Western and Eastern cultures are currently connected by multiple languages and                                
share the appreciation of arts and music. It is my goal to create works that enable this connection
between Western and Eastern cultures. I was fortunate to grow up in a multicultural background, since
my family immigrated to the US. My work illustrates the unlimited creations of traditional and
contemporary life combined with today’s technology. Often times, I combine my observations of the
four seasons, and paint colorful, imaginative objects born of nature. I’ve tried to create images that
express my own interpretation of impressionism used in contemporary art.
In our human existence includes conundrums, love, outrages, boundless desires, violence, and grief.
However, the urban forests, plants, and their related ecosystem provides poetic pleasures, seductive
landscape, and emotional phenomena that benefit humans in a myriad of ways including housing. My
current interests include examining idiosyncratic tree, roots, branch and stem--softwood, hardwood,
and decomposition of old trees. The tree in landscape portraits how humans engage with naturalistic
specimens of our ecological system.

Title: Kyoto Water Lily Pond I
Size: 26 x 30 inch
Medium: Oil on Canvas

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    Linda Hyong



Title: Kyoto Water Lily Pond II
Size: 26 x 30 inch
Medium: Oil on Canvas