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Artist Statement- Ju Sung Kim 

Painting has been the all of my life and my dream.
Being a good painter and being able to devote to painting and two different matters.
If one can do both, it would be idea.
However, it would be a big challenge for one to make a living while doing both.
The passion poured into a work can be compared to burning one’s soul.
 I am standing alone in the world where pain and joy coexist.

I have focused on the theme “consciousness” in my painting.
The theme wasintroduced in 1983 in my work and then became the main theme in the 1990s~2000s.
No idea how long I Will continue to focus on this theme but it is likely to continue.

Ju Sung Kim Resume
2017 KCC Art Gallery, Wheeling, Illinois
2014 KCC Art Gallery, Wheeling, Illinois
2013 Ara Art Gallery, Seoul, Korea
2011 KCC Art Gallery, Wheeling, Illinois
2009 KM Art Gallery, Annandale, Virginia
2007 Open Space Gallery, Niles, Illinois
2004 Gallery 32, New York, New York
2004 Gallery 3.  Lake Wood, California
2003 Gallery Scent, Chicago, Illinois
2002 Gallery mb, Niles, Illinois
1995 Gallery 7000, Chicago, Illinois
1990 Gallery FB, Chicago, Illinois
1988 Yoon Gallery, Seoul, Korea
1986 Kwan Hoon Gallery, Seoul, Korea
1981 Jung Woo Gallery, Incheon, Korea
1977 Dae Won Gallery, Incheon, Korea

New York,San Jose, Fulerton, Washington D.C., Virginia, LA,
Toronto, Evanston, Northbrook, Chicago, Wheeling, Skokie,
Niles, Elk Grove, Willmette, Morton Grove, Seoul, Incheon, Daegu

3520 Milwaukee Ave. Northbrook, IL 60062

kind Hearted Woman's consciousness 
Acrylic on canvas 40x30"


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Encounter of consciousness Acrylic on canvas 40x30" 2017

consciousness A
               Acrylic on canvas 48x36" 2017           


Acrylic on canvas 46x36" 2017

Consciousness-fancy solitude
Acrylic on canvas 48x36" 2017

Power of consciousness
Acrylic on canvas 70x46" 2017

Living and Consciousness,2017 Acrylic on canvas 60x300"


Work 130718,2013 Dye color on Burlap  



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